Contextual advertising

Available services:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yandex Direct
  • Facebook

Benefits of working with me:

  • I have practical experience of doing companies with a monthly budget of more than $ 1,000
  • manual setting campaign, unconventional approach to the management of the project
  • continuous monitoring of all processes of an advertising campaign
  • if necessary, give advice and recommendations on traffic conversion
  • optimizing rates on ads

Advantages of contextual advertising

  • suitable for both seasonal and not for the seasonal products / services
  • advertisement is displayed immediately after its setting, it allows you to quickly drive traffic to your website
  • budget may be adjusted at any time in a large and downwards

Drawbacks of contextual advertising

  • click cost may rise due to increased competition, for example in the period of seasonality

Prices for the services of contextual advertising

Budget on contextual advertising include: the cost of bids for ad clicks, as well as the cost of doing an advertising company. The cost of my services (management of contextual advertising) is 20% of the monthly budget for website promotion.

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Payment services (USD, RUB, UAH): Pay Pal, Visa / MC, Web Money, Kiwi, Transfers (Contact, Leader, Western Union).

I'm working on an advance payment of 100% for 1 month of service.


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